Chief Pontiac Programs, Great Lakes Council, BSA

Program - Chief Pontiac Trail Patches

There are several patches that can be earned through the Chief Pontiac Trail programs. The Lil Brave, Brave, Lil Chief, and Lil Brave Service patches are used in conjunction with the activity segments that are described in the Little Brave Manual.

lil Brave
Lil Brave
Lil Chief
Lil Chief
Brave Service
Lil Brave Service
Trail Arrow
Credential Hike
CPT Winter Hike
Winter Hike
CPT Canoe
Canoe Hike
CPT Service
6 Hour Service Project
Circle the Fire
Circle the Fire
OA Circle the Fire
Circle the Fire (OA)
CPT Over 40
Circle the Fire
"Over 40"
50th Anniversary
Circle the Fire
"Over 50"


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Refunds may be subject to an administrative fee and some deposits are non-refundable. Details can be found under each activity sign-up page.