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Early American Skills Weekend Programs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

The early American Skills experience is an opportunity for individual adults and Youth over age 14 to try first hand, some skills used by craftsmen and artisans in Early America.

We offer blacksmithing, woodworking, fiber arts/ everyday life skills, beadwork, cooking and baking during every class period.

The dates are the third weekend of the month May through October. There are two class periods on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The classes are for age 14 and up. All classes are taught at an adult level. Due to safety concerns we can not accept younger people in the classes.

It is not a group program. Class sizes are very small. You can check the space availability in any of the sessions by going to the registration page. On this page you should find the session that you are interested in and then click the link that says "details" on that line. It will show you the availability for the classes during that session.

View Space Availability and Register

Family of participants and other people visiting the park are free to watch, but they must remain outside the roped areas, for safety reasons.

Where is Kensington Living History Village?

The Kensington Living History Village is located in the Farm Center area, inside Kensington Metropark.

You will need a Metropark pass to enter the park.

You must park in the Farm Center parking lot, and walk down to the village, which is down by the river.

The street address is 4570 Huron River Pkwy, Milford, MI 48380, but that only gets you inside the park. You will need to follow the signs to the Farm Center.

Google Maps Location

What are the times?

The classes are 4 hours long, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Saturday, and 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Sunday

You stay in one area the whole 4 hours, focusing on that set of skills.

The schedule of classes at the Kensington Living History Village is posted on this page:

Program Schedule

During the winter months the Living HistoryVillage is not in operation. When the schedule for the year is posted and registration opens, we will announce it on our facebook page.

What are the costs?

Fees are:

$55 per four hour session for adults aged 21 to 60,

$40 for Seniors over 60,

$30 for youth aged 14 to 21.

Additional Materials Fees may apply

You also need to have a Metroparks vehicle pass to enter Kensington Metropark. You can purchase an annual or daily pass at the gate. The annual pass is the better deal.

Should we bring anything?

You do not need to bring anything, but you must wear appropriate clothing for the class. For blacksmithing you can not wear shorts or synthetic clothing due to the heat and sparks. Cotton or wool is best. No sandals or open toed shoes due to the location and presence of fire, hot coals and or sharp objects

Are adults allowed or is it more for children?

Our classes are not for children. We do allow young people age 14, but some 14 year olds struggle with the pace and strength levels required. We teach at an adult level. Most adults do well.

Is it indoor or outdoor or both?

Outdoor in open air shelters. There is a picture of the smithy on our web site. All of the other shoppes are built on the same model.

How do I pre-register if necessary?

Links to register are on the schedule page on our web site. It is best to pre-register so you are guaranteed a space. Class sizes are small (4 to 6).

Program Schedule

On-Line Registration for cooking classes cuts off on Tuesday before the session.

On-Line Registration for all other classes cuts off on Thursday before the session.

Here is a link to the information page for the program:

Early American Skills Experience Information

And finally this page will show you space availability and allow you to register for the classes.

View Space Availability and Register

On this page you should first click the link that says "details" It will show you the availability for the session that you are interested in.

Do you have programs for younger ages, under 14?

We hope this answers your questions.

Below you will find some additional infomration on each of the class areas

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